Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2/11/2010 - A day to remember

Here's some picture to dedicate to our fellow committee members for their hard efforts , please give them a round of applause.

Let me do the honour of summarize the situation that happen on this very day.

The day of November 2nd 2010 will never be forgotten by our fellows society members.

Generation after generation , this awful day shall be remembered.

As on November 2nd 2010, during the period of 10.25a.m till 12.00p.m, our beloved second home has been raid by a fellow student of our own school. A boy , now reknowned as the F.E.R.B/Demon (Fire Extinguisher Raider Boy). F.E.R.B has somehow used a fire extinguisher to cast upon a deadly curse of sulphur dust all over the remnant of the floor, and in our heart.

12.10p.m , we're having a performance. As one of our member open the door of our music room , sulphur dust flying all over the sky , combining with dust , creating dazzling yet hideous mixture of doomsday. Luckily , our persistent, strong-willed, persevering ChCo members din't let our students down , they walked through the cloud of dust and grab their rattened instruments and head down to performed a wonderful piece , Doraemon for our fellow students. Despite of what had happened , they still managed to be unwavering to the facts and still perform an exclamatory performances. Fellow members , I salute thee !

Of course , the higher authority of our society started working , brain-storming together , finding the best solution. Without further prolongs , teachers was informed , this soon became a sensational event of our society history. During the 8th period , the chairman of our society decided to call up all of our committee members to clean up. Luckily , we got some help from our enthusiastic form 6 students. We moved all the instruments downstairs and started taking a piece of plain fabric. It wasn't easy , but after 3 periods (total of 120 minutes) of hard efforts and determination , we finally managed to clean up most of the instruments and keep them safe in one of the spare classes.

After taking serious consideration, our usual society activities of tuesday has been canceled, as there were just too many chemicals involved , the health and safety of our fellow members is the main priority of our concern. Despite that , committee members and some members stayed back and started a sweepup. Mops , piece of fabric and bucket of detergent water everywhere. Respirator mask on faces , mops on hand , the cleaning process went on successfully.

The clock strikes 5 and the music room is all tidy up and clean.

F.E.R.B dint just mess up and terrorise our music room , but he also damaged our heart.

The attack of 2nd November 2010 has reshaped the members Chinese Orchestra of Chong Hwa, resulting a more durable , stronger , unyielding us. Solidarity shall be preserved.

After all , We were all relieved that the fiend was captured and justice was served !

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